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Haruko is an easy-to-use platform that gives institutional investors the levels of insights, control and compliance they demand when trading digital assets.
Built by
Portfolio Managers
Haruko was born out of necessity when, as investors, we found no solutions for managing our risk across CeFi and DeFi allocations.

Digital Asset Managers waste a huge amount of time gathering and converting data from multiple sources, its accuracy diminishing with each minute that passes. Opportunities are missed when public indexers go down and NAV reporting is time-consuming and complex.
CeFi exchanges, DeFi protocols and any data sources of your own - all visible in one place.
The most accurate data and robust infrastructure available in the market.
Real-time dashboard, any-time reporting and automated hourly snapshots.
Your single source of truth
Live insights and periodic reporting
Why Haruko
Five years in development - and still going.
The entire platform is available to use, as you need, over high-performance API.
Token pricing, analytics, real-time yields and utilisations across a range of DeFi protocols.
One-click NAV reporting enables effortless and efficient week, month, quarter and year end.
Realtime pricing & analytics
Compliance and Auditor-friendly
Top Features
Track spending approvals against Haruko's contract and token whitelists.
Insights from block-by-block protocol monitoring and customisable alerts.
Portfolio Management - pull in position, balance, trade, transfer, funding and static data from exchanges and wallets.
Risk Management - reporting, reconciliation, strategy tagging, and line-by-line P&L breakdown.
Enable margin efficiency with the ability to track risk and performance of multiple strategies running in an exchange account.
Discover how Haruko can improve your performance
© 2022 Haruko Limited. All rights reserved
© 2022 Haruko Limited. All rights reserved